Direct TV Does Its Sunday Ticket Customers in Latin America No Favors

I have lived in Argentina for seven years now, and for all of that time, my goal has been to get Direct TV, with the sole motive of being able to watch the Steelers.

This year I got my wish, as my wife bought Direct TV/ the Sunday Ticket for our anniversary.

Due to a trip to the states, and by the virtue of the fact that the ESPN shows both the Sunday night and Monday night games here in Latin America, I did not have the opportunity to watch the Steelers via the Sunday Ticket until today….

…So you can imagine my displeasure when I discovered that, of the early games, Direct TV was only showing the Vikings vs. the Bears, the Cowboys vs. the Rams, and the 49ers vs. the Giants….

Who decided that those are the games I wanted to choose from?

Thanks pal, “… and don’t do me no more favors,” as my Aunt Rose from Mt. Oliver used to say.

OK, I should have read the fine print, where it said that you only got a limited number of games with the local version of the Sunday Ticket…. So shame one me.

But this is still an inane policy. Shame on Direct TV.

If you live outside the US, and you’re willing to plunk down extra money to get Direct TV, and on top of that pay extra for the ticket, there’s, oh what, a 97.5% chance you’re doing because you have a favorite team, and well, gee, you want to see that team’s games….

And the fact is that Direct TV has several channels available, so why not let me see whichever game I choose. That’s the point of the Sunday Ticket, isn’t it? More to the point, that’s why I am spending my money with them, isn’t it?

Outside of Pittsburgh and Cincinnati, the 2008 versions of the Steelers vs. the Bengals isn’t going to draw a huge audience inside the US, and likewise isn’t going to generate much enthusiasm in the league nascent international market.

But no one is asking that ESPNdeportes knock off its regularly scheduled soccer game to show the Steelers vs. Bengals. Nor are we asking FOX sports to show its Sunday soccer schedule on a tape delay either.

No, we’re paying for a service dedicated to showing NFL games, and this pay-per-view model is based on consumer choice.

Why then are Direct TV Sunday Ticket customers not free to chose?

Pittsburgh Steelers Fan Club of Buenos Aires

P.S. Folks, if you’re interested, and can read Spanish, some local guys down here have dedicated a site to resolving just this issue. Check it out!

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