Steelers Prevail 20-13 in Nerve Wracking Victory Over Cowboys

The Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Dallas Cowboys by 20-13 in one of their most nerve wracking games in a season filled with barn burners and nail biters.

Its ironic that in what the Post-Gazette had dubbed the “Latin America Bowl,” referring to the fact that the Steelers and Cowboys are the two most popular teams in Mexico, the President of the Pittsburgh Steelers fan club of Buenos Aires, yours truly, down here in Argentina did not get to see the game until 24 hours after it was played.

Personal and professional commitments made this a tape delay affair, but I mustered my self discipline not to check the score, or any other NFL news, despite being connected to a computer all day.

Kudos go out to my wife, who despite my entreaties, went ahead and looked up the score this morning, but did not let off an inkling as to the fact that she’d done so, let alone give up the score. The Cancherita de Catamarca* earns a well deserved award for candor this week.

As for the game itself…. Wow. It is hard to know what to say.

The story has been much the same all season. The defense plays some dominating ball, and the offense finds a way to win. Special teams played their role too.

Suffice to say a more thorough post-game summary will be forthcoming in a day or so.

*No, my wife is not from Catamarca, but hey it sounds good.


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