Steelers Waive Kyle Clement

The Pittsburgh Steelers have made a few personnel moves since Super Bowl XLIII, including signing all of their practice squad players to their 85 man off season regular roster.

They also waived former rookie free agent defensive lineman Kyle Clement, a Division II standout from Northwood University in Michigan. If Clement is little known within Steelers Nation, he is quite a popular draw to this blog. If Google Analystics staistics on keywords are to be believed, hundreds have found this site searching for information on Kyle Clement (thanks for visiting.)

Clement joined the Steelers shortly after the 2008 NFL draft. He got into one game in the preseason, recording a tackle and then was injured.

What follows next is slightly confusing, as the only report we saw (and could find tonight) was that Kyle Clement was cut by the Steelers in training camp, never was there a mention that he’d been put on injured reserve. If anyone out there knows the facts, please fill us in by leaving a comment.

Perhaps there’s a chance the Steelers will resign him. Pittsburgh needs youth on its defensive line, but as the Steelers waive Kyle Clement they’re showing that they obviously are ready to look at other free agent defensive lineman.

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