Steelers Win Super Bowl XLIII, Defeat Cardinals 27-23

The Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Arizona in a nail bitter to beat all nail bitters 27 to 24 to win Super Bowl XLIII, and become the first NFL franchise to win six Super Bowls.

It was an incredible game.

Its hard to really know what to say, here at 2:10 am in Buenos Aires, with work looming tomorrow.

This game as a titanic struggle. Both teams saw their prime time players step up to make big plays. Both teams saw opportunities slip away.

  • You can’t even say the game came down to who wanted it more, because neither team was ready to yield.

At the end of the game, it came down to which team was able to deliver when it counted.

And on this night, it was the Steelers.

Its now 2:25 here in Buenos Aires, and works looms tomorrow. Check back later in the week, and we will have lots more to say about the game.

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