Super Bowl Week from Tandil, in the Province of Buenos Aires…

Pittsburgh Pinturas, Pittsburgh Paints, Tandil, Super Bowl week

A Pittsburgh Pinturas Sign aka “Pittsburgh Paints” in Tandil, a City in the Province of Buenos Aires

Thanks to all of our loyal readers who visited during Super Bowl week. While we did manage to get Steel Curtain Rising update a few times, it was mainly a week of much needed rest and relaxation.

As you might expect, there wasn’t much of a Super Bowl buzz in Tandil, given that it is a small city tucked deep into the province of Buenos Aires.

Nonetheless, Steelers Nation was represented, in a manner of sorts.

  • On la Avienda España, we spied a Pittsburgh Paints store. Or Pittsburgh Pinturas, to be more accurate….

That’s right. My wife has lived her whole life (well, most of it) in Greater Buenos Aires and had never seen a Pittsburgh Paints outlet (there is actually one here in Buenos Aires, not too far from where we live, but she’s never see it), and low and behold, she comes to Tandil and finds one on the week of Super Bowl XLIII.

You can see the photo here in the blog, we took a few more, which we’ll use in future articles.

But the hype is about to end. If you’re a Steelers fan in Buenos Aires, you can watch the game with fellow members of Steelers Nation. Click here for more information.

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