All Quiet on the Steelers Free Agent Front

As free agency entered its second week, the Steelers have been quiet, although perhaps things have gone a little better than expected.

Unexpected was the word last week, as the Steelers rolled the dice by cutting seven year starter Kendall Simmons, which left them with one experienced guard under contact.

The gamble paid off, as Chris Kemoeatu resigned with the Steelers after rejecting a slightly higher offer from the New York Jets.

Nate Washington started the week by becoming the first Steeler defect via free agency, signing a lucrative deal with Tennessee. A lot of people expected Bryant McFadden to quickly follow suit, and he did work out with Arizona. McFadden hasn’t gotten an offer from the Cardinals, and Ed Bouchette reports that some in the NFL find McFadden’s salary demands too high.

This makes sense, as McFadden is quite talented, yet after four years in the NFL he has yet to emerge as a regular NFL starter, although that is not necessarily a reflection on his ability.

The Steelers have opened talks with McFadden’s agent, and might have an outside shot at resigning him, although the odds still strongly favor his leaving for a new team.

Blips from Way, Way, Way Down on the Radar Screen

Diehards note the fact that the Steelers have resigned Martin Nance who was on their 2008 practice squad, although this report is still, cross your fingers, unofficial. Bouchette also reported that they are close to resigning linebacker/special teams standout Keyaron Fox whose return would be welcome.

There was also more news on the effort to resign James Harrison, but that will be the subject of a future post. Stay tuned.

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