Byrant McFadden Now an Arizona Cardinal

The Steelers lost their third unrestricted free agent of the season, as Bryant McFadden signed a two year ten million dollar to play with the Arizona Cardinals.

McFadden was easily one of the best players left in free agency and it is a little surpirsing that he stayed on the open market so long.

The Steelers did make an attempt to resign McFadden, but it is highly doubtful that the offer they made approached the range of what he got from Arizona.


Well, earlier today, Steel Curtain Rising speculated that there was an outside chance that McFadden would return. That’s not going to happen.

The move was not as surprise. And while his loss will hurt the Steelers, one cannot fault them here. McFadden had shown himself to be a capable player during his first three years here, but going into 2008 his play did not warrent a big contract extension. McFadden likewise knew he had little to lose by playing out his final year, and then hitting the open market.

In the final analysis, from a purely cost-benefit perspective, the Steelers are probably better off going with William Gay and Desha Townsend playing opposite Ike Taylor. That said, McFadden will be missed.

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