Steelers to Offer Head Coaching Placement, Recruitment Services to Rest of NFL

The Steelers are getting into the business of selecting NFL head coaches. No, they’re not dismissing recently minted Super Bowl coach Mike Tomlin, nor is Tomlin leaving of his own accord.

Rather, they’ll be offering head coach recruitment and placement services to the other 31 NFL teams.

“It was amazing down in Tampa, we were the envy of the league. Owner after owner came up to us asking ´How do you guys do it….?’” recounted the Steelers heir-apparent. Two years ago the Steelers had to hire a new head coach. The finalists came down to Mike Tomlin, Russ Grimm, Ken Whisenhunt, and Ron Rivera.

Tomlin of course became the youngest man to win a Super Bowl and in the process he defeated Ken Whisenhunt whose top assistant is Russ Grimm. San Diego promoted Ron Rivera to the position of defensive coordinator at mid season, a move that many feel turned around the Charger’s season.

“You know, the first time it happened, I didn’t think much of it, but by the third time a fellow owner came up to me and said ‘hey, do you mind if I pick your brain a little’ I winked to my son, and said, ‘you know, we could make some money off of this,’” recounted Steelers patriarch.

“I thought my dad was just kidding at first, but then I figured, you know, there aren’t too many opportunities for side businesses in the NFL, so why not?” shared the heir apparent.

The move has taken some by surprise, but others find it logical. “You know, the old man and his son took a loan of almost 300 million to buy out the other four Rooney brothers, so they have get the money from somewhere,” indicated an anonymous source.

La Toalla Terrible has not confirmed whether or not rival owners in the AFC North are eligible for this service, nor would the league comment on permissibility of such a service.

La Toalla Terrible takes a lighter, tongue and cheek look at the Steelers. Click here to check out the rest of La Toalla Terrible’s writings (rantings?)

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