Watch Tower: Pittsburgh Media Mum on Anthony Smith Departure

As mentioned here and reported on ESPN and fellow fan site “The Steel Yard” Anthony Smith has signed with the Green Bay Packers.

What is mildly surprising is how little attention the move has gotten from the Pittsburgh media. Neither Pittsburgh daily carried the news on Sunday. Nor was the news the focus of an article or dedicated side bar on Monday, although the Tribune-Review’s Scott Brown did mention Smith’s departure in an article about Bryant McFadden’s signing with the Arizona Cardinals.

The Packers website offically announced Smith’s signing Monday, but as of 5:30 pm Eastern time, the Post-Gazette has not passed this bit of information on to its readers, at least not on its website.

Thanks to the world wide web, true diehard fans no longer have to copiously comb the columns of the paper to stay up to date on moves like these, but given the high profile nature of Smith’s rise and decline, it is a little surprising that that paper has not seen fit to devote any mega bites to Anthony Smith’s departure.

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