Interesting Viewing, Reading on Mike Tomlin and Rocky Bleier

It is time to post these lest they become too dated to be of interest. A couple of things came to my attention via Dan Gigler’s Blog and Gold section on the Post Gazette.

Mike Tomlin on the NFL Network

The first is an interview between Dieon Sanders and Mike Tomlin for the NFL Network. I will not steal “PrimeTime’s” thunder, but Mike Tomlin really offers Steelers Nation insights into what kind of a person he really is, beyond being a football coach.

There’s a lot of good stuff, but Tomlin talks at length about the Michael Vick, and after hearing Tomlin I have come to see Vick’s reinstatement in a different light.

The video also impresses from a production stand point, in terms of the crispness, camera angels, and editing. Watching it you really almost feel that you’re sitting along side Sanders interviewing Mike Tomlin in Latrobe.

The Rocky Bleier Story

When I saw the link on the Blog and Gold titled “Looking Back at Rocky Bleier Fighting Back” I assumed it referred to TV movie Fighting Back. (And that caught my interest, because back in grade school my mom would not let me stay up to watch it when it aired, and I NEVER caught it as a rerun.)

Had I looked to see where the link directed readers I would have known better, as its source is Behind the Steel Curtain, one of the top, if not simply the top fan-based Steelers websites.

The article is written by “MARYROSE.” I am not one of Maryrose’s regular readers, but I have read enough to know that Maryrose melds an excellent grasp of Steelers history with prolific prose.

40 Years Ago in Steelers History: Rocky Fights Back” is no exception.

All of us know Rocky Bleier’s story, and Maryrose recounts it, leaving no stone unturned.

And that’s the amazing thing. Even though you know all of the details, you will slowly scroll down this article, and not stop until you’ve read it completely.

You call that compelling copy. (Behind the Steel Curtain also has some excellent reproductions of Sport Illustrated covers featuring number 20.)

Program Note on the Blog and Gold

Dan Gigler regularly shares links to all sorts of stuff on the Steelers. (Admission: he has featured Steel Curtain Rising several times.) I’ve rarely taken time to read what’s behind those links. Not because of vanity, rather for lack of time.

From now, on, I will start making time. And regardless of whether you first saw these links on the Blog and Gold, or you’re seeing them here do check them out.

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