Steelers Defeat Titans on “Buenos Aires MNF Special,” Sort of

One of the benefits of being a football fan outside of the US, is that it is possible to tape games and watch them later, with little worry of accidentally finding out the result.

Of course, you have to be able to tape the game first.

For whatever reason, DirectTV Plus was not showing the Steelers Titan’s game on its programing schedule Thrusday night/Friday morning, even though ESPNDeportes clearly showed that they were showing the game on tape delay from 4:00 am to 7:00 am.

Which meant I had to get up and manually set it, which was not a problem as my wife and I were rising early for a long weekend in Punta del Este.

Sure enough the game was on at 5:00 am. I hit record, and it should have recorded the entire program….

Breaking the Seal

Despite my vow not to check the final score, I could not resist. Once I saw them go up by 7 before the half, and then give up an easy TD, and THEN heard that Troy Polamalu got hurt, there was no avoiding it.

Which is all well and good, as Direct TV only tapped until the middle if the third quarter….

Which means I missed Ben’s latest heroic comeback, among other things. Ah….

Hard to complain too much about Direct TV when they’ve apparently decided to give Argentine NFL fans the full NFL Sunday Ticket as opposed to the “6 Games Every Sunday” half-baked option they’ve offered in the Cone of South America for the last three years.

Still, it would be nice to set the system to record during specific times on specific channels, because its programing schedule does not always match what the channel is already showing….

Tune in in a day or so for Steel Curtain Rising’s “full” analysis. (Click here to read about lessons learned from the Titan’s game.)

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