Arians Confesses: Now I Can Finally Run the Wishbone!

The news that Ben Roethlisberger was not going to play against Baltimore was a downer in all corners. Except one.

La Toalla Terrible has learned that Bruce Arians has secretly relished the thought of running the Wishbone, and will get his chance Sunday night against Baltimore.

“You see, Bruce doesn’t mind all of the heat he has taken over favoring the passing game, because it really distracts from his ultimate goal, running the wishbone,” our source told La Toalla Terrible.

With three accomplished rushers, Rashard Mendenhall, Willie Parker, and Mewelde Moore, the Steelers are perfectly suited to run the Wishbone. Yet, despite such an impressive stable of running backs, the Steelers run to pass ratio for the year stands at about 60% pass 40% run, a historic low for an NFL franchise whose bread and butter has been rushing.

That disparity, however, is all part of Bruce Arians’ master plan.

“You see,” La Toalla Terrible’s source informed, “As an offensive coordinator Bruce has to use the weapons at his disposal, and he loves Ben like a son. So he’s been forced to pass, pass, and pass again. But Bruce’s really always secretly aspired to be the next Ron Erhardt. He’d never wish for anything bad to happen to Ben but with both Ben and Batch out, he can finally put all three running backs on the field at the same time.”

Should the Wishbone be successful against Baltimore, could the Steelers commit to running more even after Ben gets back?

At that La Toalla Terrible’s source clamed up, with a tart “No Comment.”

La Toalla Terrible (that’s Spanish for Terrible Towel) brings Steel Curtain Rising a zany, tongue and cheek look at the Steelers. To read more of La Toalla Terrible’s writings (ravings?) click here.

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