Charlie Batch Out, Ben Fine, Dixon to Number Two

Steelers back up Charlie Batch only came in for four snaps or so during the Steelers overtime loss to the Chiefs, but that was enough for him to break his wrist.

He will have surgery, and by all accounts is likely out for the season.* The Post Gazette is reporting, however, that Ben Roethlisberger is not showing any affects of the blow to the head he sustained in Kansas City, and will likely start this week in Baltimore.

The Steelers will not sign a veteran quarterback to take Batch’s place. Instead, 2008 5th round draft pick Dennis Dixon will move into the number two spot.

Swann Song for Batch?

Steel Curtain Rising is a Charlie Batch backer. Batch is an excellent number two man and a leader both on and off the field.

But one has to wonder if the latest injury isn’t the end of the line for Batch. He missed the entire 2004 and 2008 seasons with injuries. He did make some crucial starts in the 2005 Super Bowl season, but also got injured during his second start, ironically, against Baltimore.

During free agency the Steelers openly attempted to get Bryon Leftwich to sign with as a back up to compete with and/or replace Batch, and it was only after Leftwich chose to go to Tampa that the Steelers came to terms with Batch.

Perhaps Batch has another season or two in him, but his high injury-to playing time ratio suggests that his “football age” is becoming a liability in spite of his back up status.

*Since the news broke, Mike Tomlin has said that Charlie Batch will remain on the active roster, pending the results of his surgery.

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