Steelers Defeat Denver 28-10

The Steelers emerged with their first regular season victory in Denver since 1990 tonight. And while some parts of it were not pretty, it appears that the men and Black and Gold accomplished something important.

Folks, its 1:53 am in Buenos Aires, and yours truly has to (attempt to) leave the house an hour and a half early tomorrow because of an all-day Subway strike. Return tomorrow for Steel Curtain Rising’s full analysis.

Tuesday the 10th – Alas between the subway strike and meeting friends visiting from Canada, got home very, very late, with no time to do the write up. So be it. (I did get to meet a guy from Prince Edward Island who, in fact, was a Pittsburgh Penguins fans. Not every day you get to meet a Penguins fan down in Buenos Aires, so I guess that counts for something.)

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