Steelers vs. Ravens – Live

Well, here we are. Yours truly is going to try to blog live, watch the game, and for the time being, speak to my folks who are on the phone from Maryland (the DC suburbs, but don’t worry, they’re pulling for the Black and Gold, for whatever that will get us.)

Let’s see how things being to unfold!

1st Quarter:

Well, they started off smart with a run, but then failed to execute on the second run.

Dennis Dixon is lucky his second NFL pass was not a pick six… Folks, this is going to be a long night.

Ravens Take Possession After Punt

What is this? They will be showing that is olding in referee school. That was not just a hold, but a clip on Harrison.

…Right now William Gay is not making anyone forget Bryant McFadden.

And our run defense looks like it is maling it in. Rice just ran 20 something yards untouched.

Boy, is this going to be a long night.

It is now 8:14 in the first, and the Ravens are up 7…. And they’re making it look easy.

Steelers Get Possession on the Kick Off

Well, I guess that was sort of a “good series” in that we did not turn over the ball. Clearly, we’re not going to win this just feeding the ball the Mendenhall, although he does look good to night.

What! How does Hartwig get holding called on him, when his “holding” was far less evident than what happened with James Harrison!

That was a great run by Dixon, alas, they fooled no one on the ensuing draw play.

Ravens Take Possession After the Punt

Nice run defense. Why can’t the Steelers execute on screens like that. Nice coverage on 3rd and 2.

Why did Logan fair catch that?

Steelers Take Possession

Well, those were some nice runs by Willie Parker. Mendenhall has earned the starting job, without a doubt, but it is good to see Parker strut his stuff.

Well, Dixon is 2-3, so I guess that is good. Still, the fact that both calls (and perhaps all three) have been screens reveal a lot about what the coaches think of him. That said, they didn’t exactly have time to install a game plan for Dixon.

Second Quarter (Steelers begin with Ball)

I guess I should question Dixon more!

That kid has an arm on him. And take note Bruce, what running the ball a little can do for your play action passing game.

Those were two great tosses by Dixon, and Tone had a great run back for six.

Ravens Take Possession on Kick Off

Nice defensive series, I too was worried that Tyronne Carter was going to draw a flag, but that one was close.

Not sure why Logan fielded that punt, although he did get something out of it.

Steelers Take Possession After Punt

Nice run by Mendenhall. The line has really improved, but if can you imagine how well he would do if we had a dominante line?

Another nice pass by Dixon.

(After the time out)

Baltimore seems intent on turning up the pressure on Dixon. He seems to be making good decisions, however.

Spaeth gets called for holding. If only he had done that to James Harrison.

Nice work on Mendenhall on the screen. Now why can’t we et those up better…?

…Tomlin just called another time out. I guess this is a hazzard to having a rookie QB. What a waste of an effort from Holmes. Mewelde Moore certainly was holding but, again, had Ray Lewis’ name been James Harrison….

Ravens Take Over After Punt (4:04 left in first half.)

Steelers defense needs to look sharpe here. A Splash Play would not hurt….

Well, the defense let up a couple of good plays, but that was a great play by them that got negated by the illegal formation play.

Why is Keyron Fox in the game?

Well, we got burned, and burned bad by Flacco. And that one was on Gay. Why in the hell did he let up?

I know Desha Townshend has lost a step, but….

Well, we’re at the 2 min warning. This is big.

I guess it is time for Ike Taylor to give up a big play. (Although Flacco positioned that ball perfectly, still Ike competely miss timed his jump.)

Pittsburgh Takes Over After Kickoff

OK. Let’s see how Dixon runs the two minute offense….

Well, I guess if Dixon does nothing more than had off to Mewelde Moore, we really won’t know. I can see running on first, but then to try another draw play?

Of course then again, the hand off to Carey Davis (which we only saw on replay down here in Latin America) worked. Still, they get a first and 10 with 20 seconds left.

Why didn’t they throw it, at least once?

Second Half

Ok, we get the ball back and we need to take advantage.

My bad, the Ravens get the ball. OK, let’s see if we can get some better play from the secondary. God, we need Polamalu back.

What happened to the run defense?

SPLASH PLAY – Good strip by William Gay!

Now, let’s see if we can do better than a one yard run by Mendenhall.

Does it seem like Mendenhall is just one block from breaking one?

That was some intense play by Ray Lewis.

Chris Carr might want to think of Fair Catching the next one. If nothing else, special teams does not lack intensity tonight.

Good Series by the defense, excellent pressure. Interesting that Baltimore did not try to throw on third.

Nice run back by Logan.

Steelers Take Over After Punt

Baltimore Takes Over After Punt

That was a heck of a run after the catch by Mendenhall. You’ve got to like this guy’s hustle.

Wallace should have caught the pass, but it was not thrown perfectly, so that was a tough one. Not sure that I agree with the Spanish commentators who took Dixon to task for showing his furstrations. He’s a kid, and he could have just as well been thinking he could have delivered the ball better.

Well, you never want to settle for a field goal, but it is good to get points on the board.

Ravens Take Over After Field Goal.

Again, I do not like the way they’re getting long runs on the defense…

Well, Timmons streaks through the line to get a sack.

Woodley gets Flacco on third.

There you have the Steelers 2008 first and second round picks delivering for you.

Steelers Take Over After Punt

Well, the pass to Hines Ward was the only thing to write home about on that series.

Is Dixon getting a little too excited? Some of those passes were a little wild.

Shame to give up a touchback. Would have been nice to pin them down.

Ravens Take Over After Punt

Surprised that the Ravens are not running it, and starting with flanker screens. OK, they just gave it to McClain twice, and he is doing quite well….

Wait, now he’s down.

Well, we backed them up on a third and 12, but Gay, Townsend, and Clark all missed tackles on the screen.

Fourth Quarter Begins (Ravens have the Ball)

Well, the fourth quarter is upon us, and the Steelers need to step it up.

Not sure if Taylor should have been flagged, but Mendenhall looked good on the first run… only to get stuffed on his second.

Spanish commentators just made the same observation about Dixon as I did.

My GOD. Now we’re going to have problems covering punts….?

Ravens Take Over after Punt.

It looks like Timmons just got a sack strip!

Let’s see what the call is. Good way to neuturalize a special teams play!

Steelers Take Over after fumble recovery

A couple of great runs by Mendenhall. Then another by Dixon.

Why doesn’t Dixon try to run with it on other plays?

Well, we have our answer now! What a run!

God, this guy is fast. What a way to burn someone on a blitz. Great play by Miller selling the pass all the way.

Ravens Take Over After Kick Off

Baltimore’s got the ball back, and they’re being aggressive. I hope LeBeau keeps the pressure up.

Big third down coming up. Nope, penalty brings it back ten yard and repeat second down.

Spanish commentators just said the Ravens needed to start taking risks.

Too early, but we’ll see.

Ravens make a great play, but Ryan Clark makes a beautiful tackle saving the first down.

Baltimore takes a time out, deciding whether or not it will punt.

Well, they went for it on 4th and were rewarded big time. God, there were a lot of missed tackles.

Steelers take first time out. Mike, be wise about this, Dixon is going to need them.

Steelers hold.

Baltimore kicks a Field Goal, I guess that is better than giving up a TD.

Baltimore About to Kick Off

Logan – Can you step it up?

Well, let’s see Dixon under the pressure cooker. Interesting to see if Baltimore blitzes or throws everyone into coverage.

Well, it is third down, and Dixon has looked excited on his first two passes.

I say run the ball, and get the clock running. If nothing else you force Baltimore to burn a time out.

Well, they did just that. I like Mewelede, but these tosses to him on third down are not working.

Now we need to pin them down deep.

Baltimore Takes Over After Punt

Once again the self destruction continues. Ike Taylor’s pass interference penalty gives them plenty of time to get the rest of what they need to kick.

I expect Baltimore to keep it on the ground from here on out.

Wow. Cudos for LeBeau for keeping the pressure up.

Now Let’s see what happens in OT.

Over Time

Tails two weeks in a row. The Steelers have now had two consecutive games go into OT, twice they have called tails and gotten the ball back. Now let’s see if they make a little better accounting for themselves.

Well, that first series was OK, all things considered.

While I am all for taking shots down the field, I honestly think Dixon should have run with it on second.

Well, we pinned them down at about the 15 it looks. Now its up to the defense.

Ravens Take Over After Punt

OK. The Defense forced a three and out. Cannot ask for more than that (actually, a turnover would have been nice.)

I say go for all of the marbels and try to block the punt.

Well, they didn’t do that, and Dixon’s interception was the end of the game.

Tough way to lose, but don’t blame the kid. They should have rolled him out and given him the option to run. And the defense could have done more to protect the lead when they had it.

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