Watch Tower: Roethlisberger Investigation Could Take Months…

I don’t know much about the Tribune Review’s Carl Prine, but there is one thing that can be said: In the age of rumor-based journalism, Prine is someone who rolls up his sleeves, pounds the payment, and brings his readers stories based on facts.

In other words, he practices old-fashioned journalism.

When conjecture was flying left and right in July 2008, in the first days after the news that the Rooney brothers were restructuring the Steelers ownership, Prine went to work and delivered a detailed, well-researched story on the subject.

And so it is with the Ben Roethlisberger’s latest sexual assault allegation.

Carl Prine’s latest article, appearing in today’s Tribune Review, let’s the readers follow the footsteps of Ben’s entourage on that fateful evening.

In terms of the legal issues involved – whether Ben will be charged or not, Prine offers no new insight. But he has clearly identified the young woman in question (although, to his and the Trib’s credit they are not naming her).

And to those hoping this story will quickly advance to some sort of resolution, Prine offers little hope, telling his readers that his sources have told him that the investigation could last for “weeks or months.”

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