Steelers 2010 Draft Need Matrix

By now you’ve probably seen a million breakdowns of the Steelers draft needs at quarterback and wide receiver, running back and tight end, offensive and defensive line, and at linebacker and defensive line.

Assuming the Steelers do not do something inanely stupid dumb like trade Ben Roethlisberger their draft needs bread down along three tiers.

Steelers First Tier Draft Needs

The first, most important tier contains in order of priority offensive line, defensive back, and defensive line.

This is to say that when the Steelers turn comes to pick at number 18, the Steelers should take the best available athlete who falls into one of the three position groups. That means that, for example, if the best nose tackle has fallen to number 18, the Steelers should pick him instead of reaching at either DB or offensive line.

Steelers Second Tier Draft Needs

The second tier of the Steelers draft needs is also pretty straight forward: running back, linebacker, and wide receiver.

There’s only a hairs difference between the three categories, and one could easily reverse the order. The Steelers do need help in all three areas, but in each area the issue is more about building depth, grooming future starters and/or hedging bets on the development of younger players like Limas Sweed or Frank “the Tank” Summers.

Steelers Third Tier Draft Needs

Again, assuming the Steelers do not delve into the idiotic and trade Roethlisberger their third tier of trade needs should consist of tight ends and quarterbacks, (la toalla terrible’s ranting about the Steelers 5th round tendencies notwithstanding.)

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