Steelers Announce 5th Round Selection in Advance of the Draft

The NFL draft is only hours away, but the Toalla Terrible has already learned who the Steelers will pick, at least in one round.

Forget about the Byron Leftwich trade, forget about the rumors surrounding Roethlisberger, in an exclusive interview with Steelers Director of football operations Cevin Kolbert informed the Toalla Terrible that the Steelers will select a quarterback in the 5th round.

As Kolbert explains, “Let me say this in no uncertain terms, come hell or high water the Pittsburgh Steelers will select a quarterback in the 5th round of this week’s draft. We have a precedent to maintain.”

Since Kolbert arrived in Pittsburgh in 2000 the Steelers have used their fifth round pick to select a quarterback in 2000, 2003, 2006, and 2008.

“When I got here we picked Tee Martin, then when he washed out in NFL Europe, we drafted Brian [St. Pierre] in 2003, and man was he a scout team stud. When the 2006 draft came it dawned upon us that was imperative that we begin grooming a replacement as St. Pierre was going to be a free agent soon.”

That would-be heir apparent was none other than Omar Jacobs, whom the Steelers drafted in the fifth round of the 2006 draft. But Jacobs couldn’t cut it.

“You know the clipboard looked good in Jacobs’ hands, but when it came down to it, he didn’t carry it with the same authority as Brian did.”

St. Pierre left as a free agent for Pittsburgh West, aka the Arizona Cardinals, creating a gapping hole in Kolbert’s depth chart. But with every crisis comes opportunity, opines Kolbert.

“It was tough to see Brian go, but you know how it is. But by the same token that meant that when the fifth round arrived, we knew what to do. I mean, to be honest, last year it felt kind of, funny, not drafting a quarterback in the fifth round.”

Ah, but thanks to the Santonio Holmes trade, the Steelers have not one, but two fifth round picks. Could they use both picks or, if not, which pick will they use on a quarterback their’s or the Jets?

Only Kolbert knows, but he certainly isn’t saying, when the Toalla Terrible asked him, he clammed up and stormed off in a huff exclaiming:

“What! Do you expect me to just GIVE you my entire draft board? This interview is over!”

The Toalla Terrible (that’s Spanish for Terrible Towel) takes a zany the Steelers. Click here to read more of his writings (ravings?)

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