‘Tone to be Charged?

Art Rooney II has got to be wishing that he will wake up and discover that this is all just some bad dream because the reality is pretty disquieting.

Alas, it is no dream, and the Steelers President will celebrate Easter Sunday with the knowledge that both of the prime stars from the miracle final drive of Super Bowl XLIII could face criminal charges.

The Santonio Holmes case took a turn for the worse, as the plaintiff in the civil suit against him has changed her mind and is deciding to press charges. As a result, the Orlando police have reopened the investigation.

Holmes attorney is vigorously disputing the charges.

As mentioned earlier on Steel Curtain Rising, the facts of the Holmes case are far from clear. But what seemed like a significant annoyance a few days ago, now has the potential to become a far, far more serious both for Santonio and the Steelers.

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