Steelers Sign Detemetrius Taylor, Other Rookie Free Agents

It happened almost a week ago, but the Steelers completed their off season roster by signing the 2010 group of rookie free agents who will vie with draft picks and veterans for roster spots at St. Vincents.

The 2010 undrafted rookie free agent class includes:

Dorrian Brooks, Guard, James Madison University, 6’2”, 306 lbs
Justin Thornton, Safety, Kansas, 6’1”, 213 lbs
Da’Mon Cromartie-Smith, Safety, UTEP, 6’2”, 210
Kyle Jolly, Offensive Tackle, North Carolina, 6’6”, 300
Lindsey Witten, Defensive End, Connecticut, 6’4”, 249 lbs.
Cordarrow Thompson, Defensive Tackle, Virginia Tech, , 6’2”, 301 lbs.
Detemetrius Taylor, Fullback, Virginia Tech 273 lbs.

Who is the Next Pro Bowler?

Rookie free agent signings for most NFL teams are ho-hum affairs. But Kevin Colbert and his scouting team have a well-deserved reputation for finding steals among the players who did not get drafted.

James Harrison, Willie Parker, and Nate Washington all started Super Bowl XLIII after joining the Steelers as unrestricted free agents.

And while no one is ready to declare him a Pro Bowler, 2009 rookie free agent Ramon Foster bypassed draft picks and veterans to become the team’s top back up at guard.

The most interesting pick up of course, is Detemetrius Taylor. The former, 273 pound defensive lineman from Virginia Tech is vying for a spot as the team’s only fullback.

This might seem like an odd move, but credit Mike Tomlin and Kevin Colbert for creative thinking. There’s very little risk involved, but plenty of upside if the move works out.

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