Harrison Hold Count Stands at 4

As mentioned last week, Steel Curtain Rising is working to promote Neal Coolong’s effort to document incidents of blatant holding of James Harrison with no flag thrown.

As Coolong mentions in Behind the Steel Curtain’s Pre Game Zone Blitz, the official called a pretty clean game last week. None the less, he did document one hold on Harrison that was not called: 12:51 remaining, 3rd quarter, LT Michael Ross.

Coolong admits that the non-call was “pretty borderline,” and further admits that Harrison could have been flagged for roughing the passer.

You can find the season-long tally below. “Harrison Holds” = a hold on Harrison not called.

Number times James Harrison was held last week: 1
Number of “Harrison Holds:” 1
Total “Harrison Holds” for 2010: 4

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Last week “Harrison Holds” might not have been much of an issue, but you can believe that offensive line coaches are going to start telling their players “Just hold’em, they’re not going to call it each time.”

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