James Harrison Follows in Greg Lloyd’s Footsteps

James Harrison unleashes fury on opposing backfields unlike any Steelers linebacker since Greg Lloyd.

And it seems this week the NFL has facilitated James Harrison’s ability to follow in Lloyds foot steps again.

Yesterday, James Harrison was named Defensive Player of the Week for his play in the Steelers victory over Tennessee. Today the NFL announced they were fining him for this hit on Titans quarterback Vince Young.

Something similar happened to Lloyd, many, many years ago. During one season during the early 1990’s (can’t remember which, but it had to have been before 1992, as Lloyd discussed the issue with Ed Bouchette in a Dawn of a New Steel Age) the NFL fined him for a hit on a quarterback.

A short time later, NFL Flims used footage of that hit in an off season video tape titled “The NFL’s Greatest Hits” or something like that. Lloyd called out the league for its hypocrisy and continued to terrorize opposing quarterbacks with a vengeance.

As for James Harrison? He is a man of few words, so he’ll probably be less vocal, but with a louder non-verbal response.

The hit in question might have gone against the letter of the NFL’s “Don’t Ruin the Shine on the Poor Quarterback’s Shoes” rule, but the fact of that matter is, he might have done Young a favor by convincing Jeff Fisher to take him out of the game….

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