Joe Burnett, Stefan Logan Top Steelers Final Cuts

The Steelers released 7 more players to get down to the NFL’s 53 man roster limit, and the cuts included a few surprises.

2008’s rookie of the year? Gone, as Patrick Bailey has hit the waiver wire.

Those young defensive lineman which the Steelers all but promised to develop? That development will either have to take place on the practice squad or with other players as the Steelers cut Sunny Harris and Doug Worthington, two late round picks from the 2009 and 2010 drafts.

What about the training camp sensation and feel-good story of 2009? Well, Stefan Logan might have been the NFL’s oldest rookie last year at age 28, but if he is to be the NFL’s oldest second year man then it will be somewhere else, as he too got his walking papers.

Some had thought that Tyler Grisham might be another feel-good story in 2010, but someone will need to get hurt for that to happen, as Grisham will not join the active roster, although the Steelers will almost certainly attempt to sign him to the practice squad.

The other big surprise is Joe Burnett, who was the team’s 5th round pick in 2009, and actually got some playing time. The Steelers would probably also like to bring Burnett back to the practice squad, but he might get picked up by another team.

The Steelers rounded out their cuts with safety Da’Mon Cromartie-Smith and defensive tackle Steve McLendon.

Check back for further analysis on the Steelers personnel moves.

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3 thoughts on “Joe Burnett, Stefan Logan Top Steelers Final Cuts

  1. I think was a good decision to cut summers. since he didn’t get any carries during preseason, it shows the steelers don’t think he’s RB material. as for his use as a FB, he’s third string quality with both david johnson and legursky better than him.

    i’m disappointed logan was cut. it was the right decision but i think it has more to do with the lack of arians creativity than a lack of talent on logans part.

  2. Tim,

    I agree with Summers, at least based on what I have read. He did not look good in the limited action he had last night. Word he the Steelers got him for the practice squad.

    I agree about Logan. You’ve got to love guys like that, and he seemed a perfect fit for the Steelers rookie-free agents to riches stories.

    And I have also wondered if a more creative offensive coordinator could not have put his talents to better use…. And if the reports are correct, he’s now in Detroit — man that is hard luck.

  3. i’m glad tho he got picked up by a team. shows he was worth something to be picked up by the #2 waiver team. i wish him the best of luck.

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