Random Thoughts on Steelers Overtime Victory Over Atlanta

Alas, as mentioned earlier, Steelers fans in Argentina, and presumptively in the rest of the southern cone of South America, were not able to see the Black and Gold square off against the Falcons via Direct TV. (And internet links did not seem to be much of a help.)

Thankfully, highlights were available from The RedZone, although given the low-scoring nature of the contest, few were shown.

Nonetheless, here are a few highlights, based on my limited observations:

  • Bryant McFadden made a first down saving, helmet removing hit during the first half.
  • Ziggy Hood appeared to have a key pressure on a key third down that forced a Falcon’s field goal attempt.
  • The Steelers defense seemed to be playing with two down lineman, at least according to the commentators
  • Lawrence Timmons and James Harrison had a great “sack-strip-six” sequence overturned on replay (probably a good call by the replay official)
  • Troy Polamalu did what Troy Polamalu did what he does, stopping the Falcons cold when they were looking to win it at the end of regulation
  • The Steelers defense forced a very quick 3 and out after the Falcons won the first toss
  • Rashard Mendenhall had a fabulous 50 yard game-clinching run, made possible in part by a key block from Hines Ward

Hines Ward of course led the team in receiving, and in doing so broke the 11,000 yards receiving mark, something that only 23 other men have done. Very little of Dennis Dixon’s play was shown on the Red Zone, but he at least avoided any game-costing mistakes. The box score doesn’t show that he was much of a treat to run the ball, however.

My ears also perked up when I heard that Jonathan Scott was in the game… I am sure there will be plenty of news as to why.

A 15-9 contest and one decided in OT is not what the network execs like, and although you’d like to see the Steelers win by a bigger margin, Mike Tomlin I am sure has already said, “we don’t add style points, a win is a win.” Or, as Bill Cowher would have said, they “found a way to win.”

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Now is when we turn to you. If you saw the game, what were your thoughts? Who else not mentioned here stood out? What was good? What prompted concern? Please leave a comment and share your observations and opinions.

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One thought on “Random Thoughts on Steelers Overtime Victory Over Atlanta

  1. i thought david johnson, reed (excluding the 40 yard miss which isn’t acceptable on his home field), pouncey, and sepulveda played well.

    dixon’s play left a lot to be desired & we’re lucky he didn’t end up with 3 or 4 interceptions. although it’s being argued that arians play calling may not have highlighted dixon’s abilities as well as they could have, poor plays by dixon was responsible for ending almost everyone of our drives in the first half. things improved in the second half, but he looked really tight and nervous out there. the coaches obv didn’t exactly feel comfortable w/ him in there because they were going with really conservative play calling. if i was tomlin i’d make sure to get batch some first team reps this week in case dixon struggles again. can’t expect to only put up 9 points at the end of regulation and get a win every week (dixon didn’t do anything for the TD or what would have been the 40yard game winning field goal that reed missed).

    defense was great. we may have only went w/ 2 Dlinemen sometimes because hampton was out by the half w/ a hamstring injury.

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