Steelers Prepare for Titans, Brown to Dress?

As the Steelers prepare to face off against and old AFC Central rival, their newest wide receiver prepares to make his first start. It appears that injuries may keep wide receivers Emmanuel Sanders and Arnaz Battle from playing, as they have not practiced.

The Steelers drafted Brown with one of their fifth round picks and expected to place him on the practice squad. But Brown forced their hand with his penchant for big plays. Brown also likes to showboat, if reports are correct, which is cause for concern as the Steelers do not have much of a tradition of Diva wide receivers and presumptively would not like to start one….

If Brown does dress, he will likely return kicks and act as the team’s fourth wide receiver.

Between Dr’s appointments, work obligations, and reuniones de concorcio (one of the more “lovable” aspects to Argentine middle-class life) I haven’t had much time to write this week.

However, the Steelers and the Titans/Oilers have a rich tradition. So if you missed them the first time you can read about some highlights from the Steelers-Oilers rivalries, how the rivalry continued when the Steelers began traveling to Tennessee to face the Titans and, finally, you can “reminisce” about the late Steve McNair’s days as a Steelers Slayer.

Check back over the weekend, as we’ll have more to say. Otherwise, enjoy the game.

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