NFL Sunday Ticket Screws Steelers Fans in South America (Again)

NFL Sunday Ticket is a wonderful concept: You plunk down your money, and you get to see your favorite team, no matter what.

Unfortunately the concept is a little different for some paying customers outside of the US, and more unfortuantely, Steelers fans have come out on the short end of the difference twice so far this season.

The first week of the season brought Steelers fans in South America (or at least in Argentina) the not so plesant surprise that the Steelers-Falcons game was not going to be shown.

It happened again today, as Direct TV NFL Sunday ticket decided to feature these marquee NFL match ups:

The winless Bills vs. the Ravens
The Browns vs. the Saints
The winless Panthers vs. the one win 49ers

I will grant you that all three games generated a fair amount of excitement, but by watching what I could pick up on the RedZone, the Steelers Dolphins game was plenty exciting.

The RedZone is a life saver in these situations, but for hardcore fans it is simply insufficient for several reasons:

  • The Steelers defense held Miami to 5 field goals — it would have been nice to see those goal line stands
  • Ben Roethlisberger also seemed to be out of sorts on a couple of plays — were those just isolated incidents, or did he continue to look rusty
  • Mewelde Moore and Issac Redman seemed to be getting the carries late in the game — was Mendenhall hurt?
  • Flozell Adams went down, did he make it back in the game?
  • How did Ziggy Hood and Nick Eason do?

The answers, of course, to all of these questions are available on-line, but that is not the point — Steelers Fans in South America Pay for the NFL Sunday Ticket BECAUSE They Want to See the Steelers Play!

Direct TV Argentina reserves only six channels for the Sunday Ticket. Today there were 9 early games, which means that some fans are going to get shafted.

But let’s use some logic here. Do you show a game between a 4-1 team and 3-2 team, or do you show a game between a 0-whatever team vs. a 1-4 team?

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