Blockers Have Held Harrison 11 Times With No Flag Thrown in 2010

As we have done all season, Steel Curtain Rising has promoted Behind the Steel Curtain’s drive to document the times when James Harrison is held with no flag thrown.

Neal Coolong is the man spear heading the effort, and last week he cites two holds of James Harrison, on called with 7:52 remaining in the 4th quarter. He also found one “Harrison Hold” that was not flagged with 11:54 left in the third quarter.

Unlike past weeks, this blatant holding of Harrison did not occur in the final moments of either half – not that it would have mattered. I also seem to remember seeing another “Harrison Hold” earlier in the game, when it might have made a difference, but did not review any game tape, so we’ll accept Neal’s count as “official.”

You can find the season-long tally below. “Harrison Holds” = a hold on Harrison not called.

Number times James Harrison was held last week: 2
Number of “Harrison Holds:” 1
Total “Harrison Holds” for 2010: 11

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Lost in all of the news about Jeff Reed this week was the fact that LaMarr Woodley got fined by the NFL. I do not believe in conspiracy theories, but the Steelers do seem to be “first among equals” when it comes to punishing defenders in the NFL’s attempt to make the league into a pass-happy paradise.

While it is wrong to conclude that all eleven “Harrison Holds” would have ended in sacks had no holding occurred, imagining the cumulative impact of all of this legalized holding of James Harrison is not hard.

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