Harrison Hold Count Stands at 8

Due to travel, I have not been able to make any postings on Harrison Holds, that is times when James Harrison is held with no flag throw, for a few weeks.

Hopefully at least some of you have been following, and supporting Neal Coolong’s effort to document incidents of blatant holding of James Harrison with no flag thrown.

Coolong reports on Behind the Steel Curtain’s Pre Game Zone Blitz that James Harrison was held with 0:46 left in the first half of the New Orleans game.

Once again, it is ironic, or not, to note that a lot of the Harrison Holding calls come late in halves. No, the Saints did not score on this drive, but it is interesting to see that the officials begin to turn their head the other way when the opposing offense goes into 2 minute mode.

You can find the season-long tally below. “Harrison Holds” = a hold on Harrison not called.

Number times James Harrison was held last week: 1
Number of “Harrison Holds:” 1
Total “Harrison Holds” for 2010: 8

Get the Word Out

Spread the word! James Harrison is already being unfairly targeted by the league in its enforcement of its new “Thou Shall Not Hit” policy. He needs the support of Steelers Nation.

This is where you come in.

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