NFL Fines of James Harrison to be Automatic?

For the second time since he was named 2008 NFL Defensive player of the year, the NFL has announced that it is making a James Harrison-specific policy change.

NFL spokesman Craig Aiello explains:

The large number of fines levied against Pittsburgh Steelers All-Pro quarterback James Harrison have garnered league-wide attention, and the NFL is acting. The NFL announces that as of this week, the league will no longer publicly acknowledge when James Harrison has been fined for doing nothing than playing the game with the aggressiveness that has been a hallmark of Steelers defensive dominance.

Instead, in the interests of only making announcements that are newsworthy, the league will announce those occasions where James Harrison is NOT fined. We feel that automating the process of fining James Harrison will simplify matters for the fans, his team, the league, our officials, and most of all James Harrison himself.

Neither the Steelers nor James Harrison could be reached for comment on the matter.

Nor would Craig Aiello confirm whether this meant that James Harrison would be fined automatically unless video reviews determine his play warranted no fine.

However, when La Toalla Terrible approached James Harrison’s agent, Parise Williamson, to make this very same inquiry, Mr. Williamson declined questions, but could be overheard to be discussing automatic debiting options with a Pittsburgh banking institution….

La Toalla Terrible (that’s Terrible Towel in Spanish) serves as Steel Curtain Rising’s alter ego (some might just say EGO). To read more missives (mischief?) from el mano de La Toalla Terrible, click here.

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