No More Harrison Holds (for Now at Least)

Alas, the Harrison Hold endeavor, an effort to document the number of times James Harrison has been held with no flag thrown, has come to an end.

Neal Coolong, of Behind the Steel Curtain, explained that with so many fines and penalties being throw at the Steelers, the Harrison Hold effort seems small potatoes by comparison.

The overarching injustices visited upon the Steelers by the officials and the league office will now be his focus.

I understand and respect Neal’s decision, and extend thanks to him for providing Steelers Nation with this valuable service. Thanks Neal!

I’d like for it to continue, but I do not have time or resources (Sunday Ticket or not, you never know if the Steel game will be broadcast in Buenos Aires) which is why I suggested the idea to Neal in the first place.

Nonetheless, we know James Harrison is going to get held, and we know the officials are going to stand there and watch and do nothing as often as they throw a flag.

And where necessary, Steel Curtain Rising will do its best to call it out.

Interested in Lending a Hand?

If anyone out there is interested in collaborating in this effort, your contributions will be most welcome.

Steel Curtain Rising does not reach anywhere near the size of the audience of Behind the Steel Curtain (which is fine, BTSC is a bigger, more comprehensive site), but it is still important to “tell it like it is.”

So if you’re interested, either leave a comment and email me directly at

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