Unflagged Holds of James Harrison Stand at 10

All season long Steel Curtain Rising has been working to promote Neal Coolong, of Behind the Steel Curtain, efforts document the times when James Harrison is held with no flag throw.

Last week against the Bengals, Neal cites to “Harrison Holds” one by Nate Livings with 1:28 remaining in the second quarter, and another by Andrew Wentworth with 2:38 remaining in the forth quarter.

Again, one can not help but note that the blanant holding of Harrison again crops its ugly head late in the 2nd and again late in the 4th quarter. Of course the Bengals scored on neither drive, but that evidence is mounting

You can find the season-long tally below. “Harrison Holds” = a hold on Harrison not called.

Number times James Harrison was held last week: 3
Number of “Harrison Holds:” 2
Total “Harrison Holds” for 2010: 10

Let the Word Go Out to Steelers Nation

Spread the word! We know the league has it in for James Harrison and one can only surmise that the officials will give the proverbial ‘nod and wink’ to opposing offensive lines more frequently as the playoff races emerge.

This is where you come in.

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