Steelers Defeat Panthers 27-3, Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

The Steelers-Panthers game was not shown in Buenos Aires (as you might imagine, local providers are not exactly fighting with each other to carry the NFL Network) and it was way, way to hot to even think of sitting in front of the computer watching it on the internet.

But the Steelers won the game, in a convincing 27-3 fashion. About the only worrisome news I can gleam out of this was Bryant McFadden’s hip injury and perhaps Shaun Shisham’s first miss.

A win is a win. I am a little annoyed by all of this talk of “zeroing in on a bye” as it is hard to see the Browns defeating the Ravens in Baltimore. No matter, as long as members of the Steelers locker room do not look past the Browns it matters little what the fans are saying.

Enough for the morning of the 24th! (I have to work today….)

Merry Christmas!

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