Return on Investment Analysis: Hines Ward vs. Anquan Boldin

Steelers Nation is rightly turning its attention to the impending AFC Championship Game against the New York Jets.

Having both a more than full-time job and internet connectivity problems have prevented me from getting this up sooner. So here goes. Enjoy!

A lot has been made apparently in Baltimore over the drops by Ravens receivers during Pittsburgh’s ferocious second half comeback in the playoffs.

And so it should.

Baltimore spent big bucks to assemble the fire power that they thought would propel them past the Steelers.

Let’s take a quick look at one example of what that fire power bought them. I can’t say I am being all that original, but lack of originality doesn’t mean its still not funny….

Return on Investment in Wide Receivers

Contract Values

Anquan Boldin:

  • Total contract value 28 million dollars

Hines Ward:

  • Total contract value 22.1 million dollars

Average Salaries

Anquan Boldin:

  • 2010 average salary 7 million dollars

Hines Ward:

  • 2010 average salary 5.525 million dollars

Cost per Catch/Cost per Yard (regular season)

Anquan Boldin:

  • 64 catches, $109,375 per catch; 837 yards receiving, $8363 per yard gained

Hines Ward:

  • 59 catches, $93,644 per catch; 755 yards receiving, $7318 per yard gained

Price per Point Scored (regular season)

Anquan Boldin:

  • 7 touchdowns, 1 million dollars per touchdown

Hines Ward:

  • 5 touchdowns, 1,105,000 dollars per touchdown

Ability to Make Clucth Catches with the Game on the Line?


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