Watch Tower: Insights into the Improvement of the Steelers Defense

Have you gotten the feeling that the Steelers defense has gotten better since the Patriots debacle?

You’re not the only ones.

I’d thought it might be the emergence of Ziggy Hood, and/or the return of Brett Keisel.

Undoubtedly both men have made important contributions. But something deeper is afoot.

Alas, I can take no credit for having uncovered it. Tim Gleason, aka Mary Rose of Behind the Steel Curtain, has done it again.

If you really want to understand how the Steelers defense has evolved since the Patriots game you need to check out Gleason’s article.

In keeping with Steel Curtain Rising’s editorial policy, I will not steal the man’s thunder. But this is a well researched article, backed by in-person observations drawn from each home game and one road game the Steelers have played since then.

This later part is important, because some of what Gleason has to say isn’t so obvious to those of us who only see the games on TV. Click here to read Gleason’s full article.

Where Are the Pro’s?

This is not the first time I have read this kind of analysis on fansites like Behind the Steel Curtain and been blown away that someone, working in their spare time, had the insight and the dedication to write a detailed analysis piece on some element of the Steelers performance.

While the Watch Tower has a lot of respect for professional writers such as Ed Bouchette, Gerry Dulac, Scott Brown, Jim Wexell and company, you rarely see articles with this depth of analysis from them, (with the possible exception of Wexell.)

That is a shame, because access to sources would give the insights in this intricately researched article yet another element of depth.

Thanks for visiting. To read more analysis of the media that cover the Steelers, click here to read more from Steel Curtain Rising’s Watch Tower.

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