Steelers Hire Carnell Lake As Secondary Coach

Last week Mike Tomlin interviewed former Steelers standout defensive back Carnell Lake for the team’s vacant secondary coach slot, and today the team offically welcomed Lake back to the Black and Gold.

In returning to the Steelers, Lake becomes the second former Steelers to join Mike Tomlin’s staff. Last year one of Lake’s teammates, Jerry Olsavsky accepted position as the team’s defensive quality control coach.

Former players Mark Bruner and the legendary Joe Greene currently also positions in the team’s scouting department.

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3 thoughts on “Steelers Hire Carnell Lake As Secondary Coach

  1. i love your website.

    unfortunately, i must say i refuse to comment on any non-nfl bashing articles until they come to a conclusion as to how they divide their millions upon millions of dollars.

  2. T1mmy10,

    Sentiment well-noted. I have a lot to say about the current labor situation, but little time….

    Thanks for the “non” comments.

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