Willie Colon Gets 1 Year Tender From Steelers

In news that passed without as much of a ho-hum announcement, the Pittsburgh Steelers offered a one year tender to Willie Colon. In theory, the Steelers would have the right to match any offer to Willie Colon or else get a first round pick in exchange for losing him.

The tender itself is meaningless, or almost meaningless.

Almost all sides agree that any new CBA, whether it comes in 2011 or 2012, will grant unrestricted free agency to six-year veterans which would include Colon.

Watch Tower: Differences of Perspective

Do the Steelers want Willie Colon?

It depends upon whom you read.

Ed Bouchette and Gerry Dulac of the Post Gazette rarely publicly disagree, but both men have offered differing opinions of the Steelers treatment of Willie Colon.

Ed Bouchette argues that the Steelers have handled the Willie Colon situation poorly, neglecting to offer him a long term deal. Bouchette reports that Colon’s agent has not even talked to the team. Bouchette’s point is to look to the Steelers actions. For three years he has been a restricted free agent, but the Steelers have never done more than give him one year tenders.

Gerry Dulac however, has a different take. Dulac has insisted twice in on-line chats that the Steelers do want Colon. He did not offer much evidence to back up his claim, but one would figure Dulac wouldn’t make the argument if he wasn’t giving his info from so source inside the organization.

Of the two, Bouchette would appear to have the stronger argument, however, Bouchette has been caught flat footed time and time again when it comes to predicting the Steelers contract moves….

In Part I of our Steelers 2011 Free Agent Focus Part II argued that the Steelers needed to keep Colon. I hope they do, but I think Bouchette is right. The Steelers inactions toward Colon speak for themselves.

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