Troy Polamalu Graduates from USC

Troy Polamalu, the reigning AFC Defensive Player of the Year, is grabbing headlines again, in spite of the NFL lockout.

That’s to be expected, because this time it is not with his body, but with his brain as the Steelers 2010 MVP walked the stage at USC’s commencement ceremony.
Steel Curtain Rising salutes Polamalu’s decision to go back and finish his education. He should be set for life and seems sensible enough to manage his money smartly so that that happens.
But athletic ability fades or, as we have seen with out beloved 43, can be robbed by injury.
Education is one of the few things that can never be taken away. Polamalu knows that and has finished his degree.
Polamalu Student of the Year Contest
Troy is not stopping with himself, he is sponsoring a student of the year contest, one open to students at the elementary, junior high/high school and college level.
I don’t know any students well enough to nominate them and, truth be told, few Argentine student would know who Troy Polamalu is.
But if you’re involved closely enough with education then I encourage you to nominate that special student who has crossed your path.
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