Mike Tomlin: Class Act

The expressions “Mike Tomlin” and “Class Act” have collocated since the day he took the helm at the South Side.

Tomlin calls it as he sees it, pull no punches, and makes no excuses.

That spirit was on display during Super Bowl XLV when he pointedly refused to chalk Pittsburgh’s defeat up to the Steelers own failings, opting instead to give all the credit to Green Bay. Class Act all the way.

Tomlin is again proving it this off season.

He’s hosting a football camp for youth.

NFL personalities holding football camps for youth is nothing new. But Tomlin’s comes with a twist.

There is no charge and it is directed at kids who otherwise might not be able to attend.

Tomlin explains to the Post Gazette’s Ray Fittipaldo that when he was a child, he could never afford such camps. Tomlin is changing that this summer for 225 youths who in shoes where he once stood.

My parents could, and did, send me to camps when I was growing up whenever I wanted to go. I had those opportunities. Lot’s of other kids didn’t and still don’t.

Mike Tomin his doing his part to change that, and Steel Curtain Rising salutes him for it.

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