Super Bowl XLVI: Steelers Fate?

Superstitions. They’re part of life, part of sports. Sometimes they can be direct. A favorite one of mine is: “Read Bob Labriola’s column in the Steelers Digest the Saturday before the game, and the Steelers win. Wait till Sunday and they lose.”

Then there are the indirect ones.

I plead guilty to the later count too.

Back in the late 80’s I once wasted the requisite oxygen to annunciate that Bubby Brister was destined to be a star quarterback because “Like Terry Bradshaw, his last name ended in a ‘B.’ Like Terry Bradshaw he’s from Louisiana and played college ball at in Louisiana. And Terry’s number had been 12, the younger Cajun was 6….”

Or something like that.

I guess part of that was right. One could charitably argue that Brister was indeed half the quarterback that Bradshaw was…

Although the rational, Masters degree educated, side of me screams against paying heed to superstition, you’d better believe that I read Labrolia’s column on Saturday.

The ones that are more grounded in coincidence or happenstance mainly serve for amusement, but I’ve gotta tell you, today I am recommending a good one.

Steelers Destined for Super Bowl XLVI?

The stars are aligned for the Steelers to take Super Bowl XLVI.

Forget about the verbiage about how “A veteran team is posed to take care of business in wake of the lock out.”

No, my man Tony Defeo from Behind the Steel Curtain offers a far more compelling string of circumstances.

When I first saw the headline to his article, I was ready to fire off a missive chiding him for jinxing us. (Yeah, you know kind of reprimand you level at the wise guy in your group of Steelers buddies who open worries about “what color jerseys will we wear in the Super Bowl?” in the week leading up to the AFC Championship.)

But jinx be dammed , this is one article that is worth the read. (God, if only La Toalla Terrible had thought of this!)

Regular Steel Curtain Rising readers know that go at great pains to avoid stealing another writer’s thunder, and I will do so again here. But do take time out to read Defeo’s article, because it’s a hoot!

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