Paul Solotaroff Explains Context of James Harrison’s Remarks

After encouraging readers to at least maintain an open mind about James Harrison’s claim that his comments had been taken out of context, it is only fair to give an airing to Men’s Journal’s Paul Solotaroff.

Speaking on ESPN radio Solotaroff explains that, while he’s a Giants fan, he was outraged by Roger Goodell’s arbitrary “get tough” policy and his attempt to make James Harrison the focus.
Solotaroff’s commentary is quite interesting. First and foremost, Solotaroff stands by his treatment of James Harrison’s quotes, indicates that Harrison had no quibbles with him when they recently spoke on the phone, although he’s also at peace with Harrison’s attempts at damage control.
I won’t do Solotaroff the injustice of summarizing his full interview here, but I encourage you to check it out on ESPN. You can access a recording of the interview in LZ Granderson’s article on

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