Steelers Ruin 49ers Perfect Season

Yours truly cannot claim any memories of this game. Yes, I do Steelers memories that predate this fateful day in 1984, but the Steelers got little coverage in Washington DC in the 1980’s and sports let alone football was not a priority in my household (the fact that it was headed by two transplanted Pittsburghers notwithstanding.)

Yet I spied this on Behind the Steel Curtain, and thought I’d share it.

It is a timeless piece of Steelers lore because it speaks so Chuck Noll’s greatness as a head coach.

Check out the game’s final moments via You Tube.

As Myron Cope would say, “Who ever would have thunk” that Chuck Noll and Mark Malone would out duel the duo of Joe Montana and Bill Walsh?

But it happened, and you just witnessed the final moments. If fate has it that you found this after the NFL’s lawyers had this post taken down from YouTube (this is common, I saw a pristine video of Terry Bradshaw’s final touchdown pass against the Jets only to have it disappear less than a month later) then I encourage you to read:

Those of your interested in Steelers-49er’s lore can read the full Chuck-Noll Bill Walsh series or the article that focuses on Noll and Walsh facing off head to head.

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