Kevin Colbert Named GM, Batch on IR, Leftwich Surgery

When I asked my 9th grade government teacher, Mr. David P. Walzack, what he thought of the 1987 NBA finals (where Magic’s Lakers knocked off Bird’s Celtics) he answered, “I think it stinks. I am not that big of a Celtics fan, but I am a real big Larry Bird fan.”

I responded, “I just don’t like the Lakers because they’re from California.”

To which Mr. Walzack responded: “That is a typical Pittsburgh attitude.” Walzack was from Pittsburgh, teaching me in the heart of Washington DC suburbia.

The relevance of all of this you, those who haven’t clicked away, ask?

There must be something to what Mr. Walzack said.

I always liked to break big news to the folks on the sly. Straight A’s (yes, it happened Sr. year in high school), don’t say a word, just leave it on the table.

Scholarship? Same deal, just leave it on the table.

The Rooneys it seems, share that same Pittsburgh trait.

Dan Rooney learned of his promotion to President of the Steelers when the team’s media guides were handed out.

Art II learned the same way.

Now the Rooneys have done it again, naming Kevin Colbert to be the team’s first general manager. In Dawn of a New Steel Age Ed Bouchette explained that Dan Rooney brought Tom Donahoe on as “Director of Football Operations” because “General Manager” was ‘a title that Rooney detests and has vowed never to name.’

Apparently Art II has other ideas.

In all likelihood this “promotion” is merely ceremonial, but it is significant nonetheless. Hat’s off to you Kevin Colbert.

Barron Batch Goes on IR, Byron Leftwich Has Surgery

The Steelers yesterady put rookie training camp sensation Barron Batch on IR. Batch suffered a torn ACL in training camp, so this move was enitrely expected.

Byron Leftwich, who broke his arm against the Falcons, had it operated on, but might be spared IR, according to various sources.

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