Greg Lloyd Calls Out Roger Goodell

13 years after he played his last down in the NFL, Greg Lloyd continues to capture the imagination of Steelers Nation.

If you’ve ever wonder what the most popular article on Steel Curtain Rising is? Wonder no more.

Something on Ben Roethlisberger and Midegville? Nope? Perhaps the AFC Championship victories over Baltimore or New York? Guess again. Super Bowl XLIII? Of course, its Lombardi Number Six. Nope, not even close.

Even a minor mention of Number 95 is enough to draw readers to this site, as the article commenting on the poignancy of Greg Lloyd Jr.’s selection by the Philadelphia Eagles in the 2011 NFL Draft brings people from Google.

Lloyd isn’t the best linebacker in Steelers history. He’ll never make the Hall of Fame.

Nonetheless the mystic surrounding Greg Lloyd surprises no one.

If Hines Ward is a linebacker trapped in a wide receiver’s body, then Greg Lloyd was a warrior destined to play football.

Needless to say when I spied the simply little headline, “Avoid Lloyd” to Dan Gigler’s “Blog and Gold” on the Post Gazette, I pounced.

Gigler had intended to ask Lloyd about a number of things, but he made the mistake of first asking him about Roger Goodell…

…You can imagine Greg Lloyd’s response.

As you know, Steel Curtain Rising does not steal the thunder of other writer’s work. Gigler went out and got the interview so let him and the Post-Gazette reap the benefits.

Click here to read a transcript of the interview, or click here to listen to a condensed version.

As Gigler leads with his intro, 13 years removed from the NFL and Greg Lloyd still won’t get hired for his disposition.

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