Steelers to Seahawks: Super Bowl Excuse Making Gets You No Where

The Pittsburgh Steelers clinched “One for the Thumb” on February 5, 2006 in Detroit at Super Bowl XL with a 21 to 10 victory over the Seattle Seahawks.

Run into a Seahawks fan and they’re still whining and making excuses. Michael Bean, editor of Behind the Steel Curtain, tells of going in front of a group of school children (who probably weren’t even old enough to remember the game) and getting booed when the find out he writes for a Steelers site.

During the Steelers AFC Divisional playoff victory over the Baltimore Ravens, myself and a fellow member of the Pittsburgh Steelers Fan Club of Buenos Aires ran into a guy from Seattle. You can imagine a Florida Election judge getting a warmer reception from Al Gore.

The referee from Super Bowl XL got into the act admitting that “he made mistakes that affected the game.” (Oh, I guess you “made” Matt Hasselbeck throw the interception… I guess you “made” the kicker miss a field goal.)

Ah, but sometimes there is true symmetry in poetic justice.

Since that fateful day at Ford Field, the Seattle Seahawks have had not one, but two chances to redress their grievances with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

And after two regulation NFL games, the some total for there efforts remains: ZERO.

That’s not just zero wins, but ZERO points.

That’s right. Mike Tomlin’s Steelers shut out the Seahawks 21-0 in 2007 and they did it again 24-0 last Sunday at Heinz Field.

The Steelers won Super Bowl XL fair and square. Seattle fans would do well to accept that reality.

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