Steelers Should Hacka to Beat Patriots

We all know of the Steelers tortured history vs. the New England Patriots.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have beaten the duo of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick precisely once.

You’d better believe that first Bill Cowher and then Mike Tomlin, along with their respective staffs, have logged some major over time watching tape strategizing, and other wise scratching the earth trying to find a way to beat Brady.

Fortunately the newly crowned World Cup Rugby Champion New Zealand All Blacks might have just provided a solution. Prior to each match, the All Blacks, in homage to New Zealand’s Maori heritage, perform the Hacka, a Maori war dance.

Perhaps its time for the Steelers to emulate their example. Watch for yourselves and decide:


…Back to Reality

Of course there is little, no zero, chance of this happening, but it would be awesome.

Imagine a bearded Brett Keisel calling the cadence, with Troy Polamalu, James Harrison, Casey Hampton, and Maurkice Pouncey throwing down the gauntlet to Brady and Welker in such primal fashion….

…Nope, its not going to happen, but would it ever be a sight to see.

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