Ravens Defeat Steelers, 23-20

Hats off to the Baltimore Ravens for being better than the Pittsburgh Steelers tonight. While they certainly didn’t dominate like they did in week 1, they made the plays when they had to.

Interestingly enough, what had been the Steelers strengths during their now ended winning streak. Ben Roethlisberger was wild and inaccurate early on, and their secondary suffered a series of major breakdowns.

Its now 2:10 am here in Buenos Aires, and work looms tomorrow morning. Check back tomorrow evening for Steel Curtain Rising’s full analysis.

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One thought on “Ravens Defeat Steelers, 23-20

  1. The loss was certainly hard to stomach, but I’ve been encouraged by how the team has been playing since the Texans’ game. Had a play or two gone the other way Sunday night, the Steelers would have won, and people would be dreaming of a first round bye. If the team can stay on this current roll of effective play, even if they head into the playoffs as a wildcard, I like their chances to advance fairly deep.

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