Steelers Patriots Poll Shout Out

For those who believe, we’ll have practice here on Tuesday.” – Chuck Noll

Those were apparently Chuck Noll’s words to the team after the 1989 Steelers closed out their final game with a win against Tampa Bay. The ’89 Steelers entered the weekened needing a win and a lot of help to qualify for the playoffs.

They got most of it that Sunday afternoon, but still needed the Benglas to loose that Monday Night. Mike Browns boys complied and the rest is history.

Events, starting this Sunday against the Ravens, of course will reveal whether the Steelers win over the Patriots was historic or just a radar blip.

But that doesn’t mean that those who believed do not deserve a loud and clear shout out.

Few were predicting that the Steelers would puncture the Patriots, few except Steel Curtain Rising’s regular readers, as the poll below reveals (apologies for the blurry screen shot):

As you can see, a solid majority backed the Steelers over the Patriots. I honestly knew this game was going to be different but can claim no bragging rights because I didn’t back that up in print.

You however, my beloved readers, were less shy about declaring your faith. Kudos to you.

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