Keith Butler to the Colts?

Steelers Linebackers coach Keith Butler is not a man driven by impulse. He passed on the chance at the defensive coordinator’s headset in Pittsburgh West. He also had a shot in 2009 to join Tony Soprano’s staff in Miami. Again he said no.

At the time the word was that Butler had been tapped as Dick LeBeau’s heir apparent, and seemed content to wait his turn in Pittsburgh. And Ed Bouchette reported in the Post-Gazette that Butler has a handsake agreement that he’ll get the job when LeBeau retires.

Butler’s patience, however, may have worn out as reports indicate that he will follow Bruce Arians to join Chuck Pagano’s staff in Indianapolis. Butler confirmed that he will interview for the position, and makes no secret about his desire to coach as a defensive coordinator, however Bouchette reported that Bulter insisted that a move to the Colts is not a “done deal.”

The move marks the second significant shift in Mike Tomlin’s coaching staff, following Arian’s departure and it is likely the their will be more turnover, as Randy Fitchner and Sean Kugler are the top candidates fill the offensive coordinator slot which of course means that Tomlin would need to fill their positions as well.

Rumors that Jim Cadwell, who coached with Tomlin in Tampa, might be taking the Steelers offensive coordinator job have turned out to be false, as it was announced that the Ravens had named Cadwell as their quaterbacks coach.

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