No Steelers Decision on Hines Ward, Yet

The NFL Network reported ealier today that the Steelers had decided to cut franchise leading wide reciver Hines Ward.

The news was picked up by many outlets, and the rumors gained enough currency that Ward himself took to Facebook to announce that he’d heard nothing from the team.

Veteran Post-Gazette scribe Ed Bouchette went into action, knocked down the rumors, at least for the moment. Writing on PG Plus Bouchette informed:

Indeed, the Steelers and Ward may ultimately part ways, but the people I talked to have intimate knowledge of such things and they’ve assured me there has been no decision.

This is a clear case of Ed Bouchette doing exactly what he is supposed to: Going right to the source and getting the story.

Moreover, the decision to deliver it, at least first via PG Plus highlights the value that subscribers are paying to get. AND, PG Plus is rarely if ever updated on the weekends, but Bouchette posted it at 6:00 pm on a Saturday evening, earning him double Kudos from the Watch Tower

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