Steelers 2012 NFL Draft Class at a Glance

Three days, seven rounds, 253 players and Mel Kipper Jr. is already getting ready for next year.
The Pittsburgh Steelers came into the 2012 NFL Draft armed with 10 picks, and ended up taking nine players. By position their picks breakdown this way:  3 offensive lineman, 1 defensive lineman, 1 linebacker, 1 running back, 1 wide out, 1 corner, and 1 tight end.
Steelers Picks in the 2012 NFL Draft:
1. David DeCastro, guard, Stanford University
2. Mike Adams, tackle, Ohio State University
3. Sean Spence, linebacker, University of Miami
4. Alameda Ta’amu, nose tackle, Washington University
5. Chris Rainey, running back and kick returner, Univeristy of Florida
6. (no pick, traded to Washington Redskins to move up in 4th)
7. Toney Clemons, wide receiver, Colorado University
7b. David Paulson, tight end, Oregon
7c. Terrence Fredrick, cornerback, Texas A&M
7d. Kelvin Beachum, guard, Southern Methodist University
Deviation from Discipline Policy
Although the Steelers do not deserve the halo that many (including yours truly) try to affix to them, they do run one of the cleaner NFL shops.
And the team has a reputation for both avoiding players with off the field issues and weeding out those that have them. Yet three of the nine players the team selected have histories with discipline issues.
The first two are relatively minor. Chris Rainey got into trouble for sending threatening text messages to an ex-girlfriend. Assuming this is an isolated incident, it is no biggie.
Sean Spence also ran afoul of some NCAA regulations regarding conduct with an agent and accepting gifts. Again, this is nothing to overlook entirely, but it is also not a grave offense.
The biggest issue involves Mike Adams, who tested positive at the NFL Scouting Combine for marijuana. And this is not the first time this kind of thing has happened for Adams.
Kevin Colbert and Mike Tomlin were very open with the press about this issue. Adams transgression got him knocked off of the Steelers draft board, and it was only after Adams reached out to them and agreed to take certain actions, that the Steelers restored him to their board.
Marvel Smith, Colbert’s first 2nd round pick in 2000, had a similar history and developed into a Pro Bowl left tackle for the Steelers. There’s no guarantee that Adams will pan out the same way, but the Steelers have taken a significant risk. Colbert acknowledged as much, admitting that if things didn’t work out with Adams, he would be responsible.
The Steelers are of course not finished adding to their roster. As soon as the draft ends, the mad dash for rookie free agents begins.
The Steelers have made many of those moves already. When the list is finalized, Steel Curtain Rising will bring it to you in full.

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